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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

November 18 2020 – Yogibo Logistics

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year again, friends! A chill in the air, light snow on the breeze and feelings of warmth and good tidings abound. Every year, like the Toys 'R Us catalogues of old we compile a list of the absolute bestsellers for the holiday. These lists are tried and true, trust us! Our crackpot team of overpaid Yogibo analytical scientists surreptitiously scour the shopping malls, reddit threads and metadata across the land to bring you the most scientifically accurate gift list around. We even streamline it and divide the list according to price because we want it to be as easy on your nerves as it is on your budget (need to make sure we stay on Santa's Nice List, y'know?). 

Squeezibo makes for the absolute best stocking stuffer. These little gel fidgets are squish-able, collectable and oh so cute! Perfect for the kiddos or the young at heart! 

Solids/Animals- $8

Star Wars™ Edition- $10

We'd be remiss if we didn't highlight the Yogibo Mates. Mates are unlike any other stuffed animal on the market thanks to their special Yogibo squishiness. A unique dual layer of our signature fabric and a special high grade bead make it the most huggable, cuddly and squishy friend you'll ever find! Perfect for children, teens, and anyone who needs a hug. 

Mates- $20

Star Wars Edition- $25

The Shoulder Wonder is the perfect aromatherapy accessory for the person in your life that loves therapy gifts. And there's nothing more relaxing than warming this up, popping in a good movie and taking the Winter months a little easier. I can't be worried to shovel the driveway, I've got ME TIME to take care of! 

Shoulder Wonder- $29

 Traybo 2.0 is the best thing that could ever happen to your lap (next to a crisp new set of slacks of course). With our stretchy fabric and conforming fill, you never have to worry about being uncomfortable while working. The eco-friendly bamboo top evenly distributes heat from laptops and also includes a groove in the finish for your favorite tablet or phone, and the optional laptop tab is included should you want to get some work done. Perfect for working from home, reading on the couch or even drawing! 

Traybo 2.0- $49

Star Wars Edition- $59


Cozybo just might the most comfortable blanket ever created. Bold claims for sure, but one snuggle session under this and you'll be hooked! Cozybo features a unique gel-like feel and has the perfect amount of stretch like our beanbag covers. Thanks to it's unique materials, Cozybo is perfect for keeping you warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. Like no blanket on the market! 

Cozybo- $79

What goes with a blanket better than a pillow? Our Sleepybo is an incredibly comfortable sleeping pillow and something we got asked to create for years. Sleepybo is perfect for back and side sleepers and cradles your neck perfectly. One side is also perfect for those that want a cool side, and the other for those that want a warmer side. How could you go wrong!?

Sleepybo- $69

The Yogibo Rest line of sheets and duvet covers will make a perfect addition to your sleeping quarters this year. Made from Supima Cotton grown here in the US of A, this sleep set is incredibly warm and soft to the touch. You may never want to get out of bed again...but maybe you should. Those decorations 'aint gonna hang themselves.

Sheet/Pillow Set- $59-$99

Duvet- $59-$99

The Yogibo Support pillows are the ultimate Yogibo lounge bag accessory. Position them as you please to accommodate a variety of relaxing sitting positions! Place the Support on your bed for sitting up and reading or place it on a Pod X and it's the perfect size for a mini sofa. Use your imagination, we believe in you, champ!

Support- $99

Star Wars™ Edition- $119

This is one new addition to the Yogibo family we're super excited about! Jogoball is an incredible screen-free gaming console that encourages you to ditch the screen and start using that noggin! Packed with thousands of hours of fun and games, a next-level six axis gyroscope and awesome bluetooth sound, Jogoball will be the best thing to happen to family/friends game night since...well...ever! 

Jogoball- $119

The Pod X may just be the comfiest darn one seater you could ever experience. With it's frictionless beads, zero pressure points and stretchy, soft fabric this seat is one everyone will be fighting over. And it even has a convenient handle if you want to move it to another room! 

Pod X- $199

Star Wars™ Edition- $229

The Lounger is the perfect seat for long gaming or reading sessions. It's arched back and unique design also make it an excellent furniture piece for any room. All the Yogibo comfort in one dynamite looking package!

Lounger- $189 

Star Wars™ Edition- $219

The Yogibo Mini takes all of the comfort and versatility of our larger beanbags and delivers it in a compact, small one seater that's perfect for infants, children, and anyone that wants a comfy seat but doesn't have a ton of room. Sit on the top of the Mini or in the middle like the picture above. However you plant that tush on down you're going to love how you feel. 

Yogibo Mini- $139


The Yogibo Short is a slightly more compact version of our award winning Yogibo Max. Not quite as tall but just as comfy. It’s the perfect-sized bean bag for the younger members of the house. Perfect for ages 4-11. Where the Yogibo Max is a couch/bed the Short is the perfect love seat! All the comfy, versatile awesomeness of our Max but in a slightly smaller size.

Yogibo Short- $209

Star Wars™ Edition- $239

The Yogibo Max is the only furniture on the market to fully conform to the user’s body with zero pressure points. The Max is our flagship item and the most popular, well known product we’ve made! It’s not only an incredibly comfy, versatile bean bag chair, but also a bean bag recliner, bean bag couch AND bed! The Max is perfect for long gaming sessions, movie nights, afternoons in with a good book, or a comfy extra bed. The Max can accommodate up to 4 people at once, and when you need to make room? Just stand it up and put it in a corner, it takes up less than 4 feet of space when stood up and weighs 19 pounds. THIS is one gift everyone in your home will be fighting over!
Yogibo Max- $259
Star Wars™ Edition- $289
And last but certainly not least is the Yogibo Double. It's the perfect second bed for one or more! The Double gives you more room to move around than on a Yogibo Max. Up to four people can share the Double at one time. Just fold up one side and it makes a great “back”. Easy to maintain with an outer cover that comes off for cleaning, and it only weighs 40 pounds so it can be moved to where you need it. 
Yogibo Double- $429
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All of these incredible gifts can be found in store and online. We think this tailored list of our best selling items will make the gift giving process a little less hectic this holiday and after the year we've all been having, the less hectic the better! Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for letting us make you and yours a bit more relaxed and comfy :) 

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