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Back To School Gift Guide

August 13 2021 – Yogibo Logistics

Back To School Gift Guide

Back To School Gift Guide

Well, friends we're at that time of year again, aren't we? The days, while still long and bright are slowly starting to wind down. Let's face it, within the next month we're going to be seeing Autumn creep up like a dastardly villain in a silent movie. And y'know what? Let's not get ourselves down about the changing of the seasons, there's lots of things to look forward to about a new school year! One of the things we've always excelled at is making studying and learning a lot easier with our adaptive, relaxing furniture and lifestyle accessories. Maybe it's studying in our Yogibo Max or using Yogabo ergonomic seat to make studying a bit more fun and unique. 

So what we've decided to do for the Back to School Gift Guide is break it down into the best gifts for each individual preparing for school this season. Parents, Students, and Teachers. We're going to list the 3 of the best items for each, complete with links and prices. Read on to see the best options from Yogibo to help you ace this school year! 

The Yogibo Max- The Yogibo Max is not only our most popular product for nearly 12 years now, but it's also a serious game changer. HGTV called it the best giant bean bag for the home, and this also extends to the dorm! Whether you have a child going to college or students at home, this is THE study zone. The Max adapts to any body type and features zero pressure points and tons of seating options. Use it as a recliner, a chair, a love seat, a couch or a crash pad. Don't worry when they're done with it, it takes up less than 4 feet when stood up so you don't need to worry about wasting any space. Like we said, a game changer! 

Cozybo Blanket- Listen, who doesn't need a good blanket to curl up under to do some reading (homework or not). Our Cozybo is the most unique blanket around and feels unlike any other on the market. With it's unique gel-like feel and ability to seemingly keep you warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer, the Cozybo is a must have blanket. Great for the college student going away during the chilly fall, the high schooler needing a study break, or the parent that just needs to do some TLC after their long work day. 

Yogibo Mats- A new Fall season means new school projects which also inevitably mean new stains and messes (we're looking at you stereotypical science fair Volcano project). Yogibo Mats are a gorgeous new way to add some flair to any room where messes might be lurking. It's 100% slip, stain and spill-proof so wiping up any messes is as simple as running a towel over it, and there's no need to constantly adjust the rug! Rugs? What're those? You've got Yogibo Mats on your side, you pretty perfect parent, you! 

Yogibo Short- We've loved seeing how so many educators have been utilizing our furniture in their classrooms for unconventional teaching (check them out!) so we can't recommend our Short enough. The most popular addition to our beanbag collection since the Yogibo Max, this slightly smaller more compact version is a brilliant two-seater. The Short is a perfect fit with classrooms that have study stations, quiet corners or a more relaxed atmosphere. Stretches to adapt to any body, and takes up no space at all when not in use. It's an A+ addition to any classroom! 

Cushibo- A few of us around Yogibo Headquarters were teachers years before and one of the things we remember the most is that sitting grading papers or at the desk during a test isn't always the comfiest place for our butts (we still shudder when we see those hard school chairs). So with Cushibo we sought to fix those tushy woes. Cushibo features a unique "honeycomb" shaped inner grid that uses basic structural integrity science to adapt to any bottom that sits on it with comfort and support. And when not in use it snaps right back to it's original shape! Water-resistant and UV safe, Cushibo is great in the classroom, teacher's lounge, anywhere you take it! 

Jogoball: Megee- Our Jogobal has been a game changer for screen-free gaming, and our new addition is no different. With Jogoball: Megee we aimed to make learning Spanish not only easy but tons of fun! Megee teaches Spanish learning thru actions, brain teasers and other fun games. Perfect as an at-home homework activity or for use in the classroom. All you Spanish teachers out there this could be a whole new way to help teach Spanish in class! 


Pod X- You get home, throw the backpack down and crash on the couch. This is a bit of a danger cuz the TV is right there and, well, the temptation to catch up on some shows is a hefty one. So sit in the Yogibo Pod X instead and get away from that musty 'ol couch-distractor! Whether you want to do homework, studying, or just good old fashioned reading, the Pod X is the comfiest place you'll ever sit down in. A perfect one seater and your new favorite place to be. 

Yogibo Support- Dorm rooms have, more or less, not really changed when it comes to comfort and relaxation. The standard issue bed and chair they provide leave a lot to be desired so this year why not invest in the Yogibo Support? The Support is an incredibly...support-ive back pillow that makes any spot a true relaxing one. Prop yourself up in bed for some reading, bring it to the couch for excellent back and neck support, use it as a pillow on the floor, use it as a body pillow, or be an absolute savage and reverse it to use as the squishiest lap desk ever! However you customize it, the Support is a surefire ticket to make the dorm a less stressful place to be. 

Yogabo- Closing out this list we have to mention our Yogabo ergonomic ball chair. We spent many a night in our school days hunched over an uncomfortable desk sitting in an even more uncomfortable chair. With Yogabo, you're encouraged to practice better posture by sitting up more therefor reducing strain on your neck, better exercise in your core, and it's just a seriously cool looking chair at the end of the day. With an upscale upholstery fabric and an invisible base so it wont roll away, Yogabo is your new study buddy! 

We hope this list was helpful, and don't forget, the best gifts this school year are at Yogibo, so don't miss out! And we hope you all have a smooth, safe transition back to the classroom. Let's get out there and learn all we can! 



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