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Blanket Season

October 20 2022 – Logistics

Blanket Season

Blanket Season

The days are cool, the nights are cold and everyone is getting into the Fall spirit. You know what that means. Blanket season is upon us! Layer up and get comfy-cozy!

Insomnia Woe? Insomnia NO!

Because the weight of a blanket is akin to a hug or slight pressure on the body, this pressure has the potential aid in relaxing your nervous system. This is a non-drug type of way which can help limit stress. Serotonin formed will be able to convert into melatonin. This is the body’s natural sleep hormone. So having nice weight to the blanket you use may actually help you if you're having a hard time snoozin!

Get Outta Here, Anxiety!

Similarly to how a nice blanket can help release serotonin to help you feel more relaxed for sleep, blankets have been shown help reduce anxiety. This is why so many people turn to weighted blankets for that extra sense of heaviness. The more pressure (within reason, of course), the more the potential for anxiety to be kicked to the curb.

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Did you know that the grand majority of people are at their most tired in the mid to early afternoon? Studies have actually shown that taking a 10-20 minute cat nap during this brief period can actually help to recharge your brain and help you feel more alert! So wrap yourself in a blanket (we listed some real winners above), close that office door and drift off to dreamland for a quick respite! For more Yogibo blanket goodness, check out our Blankets & More Collection!



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