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Introducing the Loyalty & Referral Program

March 15 2021 – Yogibo Logistics

Introducing the Loyalty & Referral Program

Introducing the Loyalty & Referral Program

We're excited to announce the Yogibo Loyalty & Referral Program! This has been something we've been working on for a while since we wanted to make sure we're giving you the best reward system we could. 

If you're expecting a long drawn out list of complicated requirements like your social security number, keys to your house and a pdf of your last will & testament then unfortunately you're gonna be a little disappointed, friendo. We made this whole program just the easiest darn thing  around. There's just 3 simple steps to getting started. 

"Wait a sec, what's the catch? I probably end up needing to buy more just to get these rebates, right? "

Nope. No catch! There's tons of ways to earn those points. We specifically made it so you don't need to spend over $100 and get a coupon clipped each time and at the end you get a free bagel-I mean Yogibo. No that sort of 90's internet cafe thinking belongs in the past. With this program simply being a fan of Yogibo can get you points. Here's the list of ways you can start earning today.

"Hmm. Is this one of those programs where you're never sure how to redeem the points and when?"

Absolutely not. We couldn’t have made it easier! All you need to do is redeem your hard-earned points at checkout WHENEVER the mood strikes you and there you go with FREE Yogibo $$$ for your next purchase. It’s that simple!

"Are you serious? It’s sounds too good to be true. Is this something that I can I share with my friends?"

Yes indeed, and this is the EXTRA BONUS. We even have options in place for referring a friend. You get 'em to Discover The Feel, and we get you to discover even more FREE Yogibo $$$ for your next  purchase.  Think of it as a digital hug from us to you. 

Signing up is simple, just click this link right here, create your account and you'll be on your way to becoming the mayor of discount-ville. 

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