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Learn Spanish With Jogoball: Megee!

July 01 2021 – Yogibo Logistics

Learn Spanish With Jogoball: Megee!

Learn Spanish With Jogoball: Megee!

It’s common knowledge that Spanish is the 2nd official language in the US and one of the most spoken languages in the world, yet not enough people understand it! Let’s face it, learning a new language is not that easy and in most cases not really all that fun (looking at you, stuffy high school language assignments). Don’t you want to be able to communicate with Spanish speaking individuals the next time you meet them?

This is where Yogibo comes in with the coolest Spanish teacher you’ll ever meet – Megee. Her name speaks for itself, it’s an acronym for ‘Me gusta ensenar Espanol’. That means "I love teaching Spanish". How can you say ‘No’ to that?

Megee is a character sleeve that goes on our award winning interactive game console Jogoball. If you don’t have the Jogoball yet, we highly suggest that you check it out right here! When you buy the Megee sleeve you download all the content into the Jogoball app with thousands of hours of play time in addition to learning Spanish. It's because of that special Jogoball technology that Megee is a fun and super active way to learn Spanish on the go. You don’t need books, flash cards or even a computer. Just activate the Jogoball app from your phone and you're good to go. Es tan Facil, it’s so easy. Once activated and ready to go, you can forget about your phone and get those language juices flowing with Megee. Right out of the box Megee comes with 12 different games that are all about teaching you Spanish in a fun and interesting way. Everyone can learn Spanish with Megee, both kids and adults!

And don't worry about not being able to keep up with Megee, we made 3 different levels so anyone will feel comfortable: Beginner, Intermediate and Difficult. There's even a quick test that can actually suggest to you which level you should go with, and you can always change itas you master the language over time. 

In addition to the new language learning games, we took some of the most popular games from our original Jogoball character Hugibo and added Spanish versions to them. Fan favorite games like ‘True or False’, ‘Top That’, ‘Dare or Dare', ‘Ice Breaker’ and more were all carried over into Megee. You can play these awesome games with friends and family as well as on the go, in the car, in the yard or pretty much anywhere you like!  

We're super excited for you to become a Spanish speaking pro and before you know it you'll be multilingual almost as if you always have been! 

Vamos a jugar y aprender Español', Let’s play and learn Spanish!



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