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Mother's Day Gift Guide

April 19 2021 – Yogibo Logistics

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is almost here and that means it's time to go all out and really show our moms just how much they mean to us. Mom's always been there for you, like that time you had a nightmare and she knew just the right amount of hugs to make you feel safe again. Or the time she made you her special chicken soup when you were sick, or even that time in second grade you scraped your knee on the blacktop chasing your friends pretending to be a Velociraptor from Jurassic Park (No? Just me? Ok then) and she was there with a Spider-Man bandaid.

The point we're comedically trying to make is there's simply no one that loves us quite as uniquely as mom, so this year why not say thanks with something equally unique? Yogibo's got the best accessories and gifts for mom around and we just know she'll love what we have to get her comfy and relaxed. Below are a few of our surefire Mother's Day hits.


Traybo H2O

Dermatologists and skin experts have gone on record to claim that endorphins (the feel good hormones) are released when you relax in the tub for a good soak. Let's bring some of those good vibes to mom! The Traybo H2O is made of high quality eco-friendly bamboo and has tons of compartments. Mom can take a tub with her favorite tablet, phone, snack, beverage, magazine, you name it! The Traybo H2O brings the versatility of a work station and the fun of an entertainment center to the one location that's used the most in the house: the bathroom!  

H2O Pad

Continuing along with the water-based relaxation we'd be remiss if we didn't mention our insanely soft and squishy H2O Pad. The perfect partner to the Traybo H2O, the pad is filled with conforming 100% PE fill that cradles your neck and back no matter how high or low you sit against it. Then hang it with it's suction cups to dry and its good as new come back time the next day. And y'know what mom might love even more than the comfort? The discount! Get the Traybo H2O and H2O Pad BUNDLE and save

Shoulder Wonder 

Did you know that studies have shown there are significant benefits to aromas that put our minds at ease? Aromatherapy is super helpful when it comes to improving mood, combating stress and even easing tension and nerves, so you can be darn sure we packed a lot of that aromatherapy goodness into our most popular aromatherapy product! After a busy week we just know mom is going to fall in love with the Shoulder Wonder's hefty yet comfortable weight distribution to the upper back & shoulders, the hot or cold therapy options and lavender/peppermint scent. Give mom that beloved spa at home! 


What do moms always give that without fail are top tier? If you were thinking hugs, you thought right (second obviously to her amazing ability to give the best Christmas presents). So this year, treat mom to an amazing hug with the Cozybo blanket. This luxurious all-season blanket will wrap her in warmth and a sense of calm unlike any blanket on the market. It's unique, gel-like feeling has to be felt to be believed and the next time she goes to reach for the blanket, just know she's also reaching for a loving hug that gets delivered in spades. 

Yogibo Ultra

Circling back to the hugs mom is so good at giving, did you know that hugs are great sources of Weighted therapy? Weighted Therapy helps to exert Deep Touch Pressure Simulation (DTPS). DTPS helps promote the production of relaxation factors in your body, like our old friends Melatonin and Serotonin. This Mother's Day show your mom some of that hug-love with the Ultra, our perfectly sized budget weighted blanket. All the comforting DTPS goodness in just the right size for any mother to relax in! 


Yogibo Support 

The Support steps up the relaxation game by providing comfortable, no matter the location! Maybe mom has a new bundle of joy on the way and need to get some comfort and positioning on the bed or couch? The Support is not only a world-famous back support, it also makes for an incredibly adaptable pillow by being able to be used as a conforming body pillow. Suppose mom likes to play games on her phone or do a crossword while her favorite show is on, the Support will allow her to be upright and not worry about slouching or straining her neck. Bed, couch, floor, wherever there needs to be comfort the Support has got ma's back! 


Last but certainly not least is our Cushibo seat cushion. Utilizing a honeycomb-shaped grid system that's perfect for supporting your tush no matter the shape or size, this is a must have for any mom that sits in an office or desk chair for extended periods of time. Wooden chairs are uncomfortable and those cheap chairs they provide at the office look better than they feel. With Cushibo, any seat is an instant hit. No if's, and's or butts about it, ma! 


And those are just a few of the items we know mom is going to fall in love with this Mother's Day. For the best gifts and accessories, Yogibo is your one stop shop! 

From all of us on Team Yogibo to all of our amazing mothers...

Happy Mother's Day, mom!




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