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Official Mandalorian™ Products Are Here

November 10 2020 – Yogibo Logistics

Official Mandalorian™ Products Are Here

Official Mandalorian™ Products Are Here

Around the time we launched our official Star Wars™ line of Yogibo products last year, we were simultaneously falling in love with the new Disney+ series The Mandalorian™. So you can imagine how thrilled we were to be able to make a line of mates specifically for the show! 

First up there's the Mandalorian himself. Our Mandalorian mate looks just like he does in the show but simplified enough so his number one priority is being the best snuggle buddy for you and your friends. And when you combine the dual-layer fabric and extra-soft fill all of our mates have, you've got one of the most comfortable buddies around! And of course we made a matching Squeezibo fidget so when you can’t have your mate with you, you've got a distracting little gel fidget to keep you company! 

Let's be honest. We know why you came here. We know why you clicked on the blog link and to be honest we know why you probably do anything these days. THE CHILD. The literal embodiment of cute and adorable and amazing all rolled into one huggable little package. And the Child wouldn't be complete without a matching Squeezibo. Just look at his ears! 

While we're on the topic of Star Wars, we've also released our new BB-8 Mate and matching Squeezibo. Do you have an R2-D2 mate and think he needs a buddy? BB-8 is just the adorable astromech to get the cuddling job done. 

All Star Wars mates and accessories can be found here


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