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Start the Semester With Yogibo

July 29 2020 – Yogibo Logistics

Start the Semester With Yogibo

Start the Semester With Yogibo

Hard to believe it's already that time again, huh? Homework, tests, orientation, the whole deal! While it's tough to nail down exactly what the school year is going to look like given the current circumstances around the world, one thing is for sure and that's that schoolwork invariably means stress in one way or another for a lot of us. The more stressed we are, the tougher a time it can be to concentrate, study, or complete tasks. Since we want to make sure you have as easy a transition into the new school year as possible, we've compiled a few items that we've found are excellent partners for the study sessions ahead. Check 'em out, you might learn something! 


The Yogibo Pod X is an incredibly comfortable one seater, perfect for those all too familiar study sessions where you need to read a million chapters in one night. It even has a handy handle on the top so bringing it from room to room or dorm to dorm is as easy as knowing that Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. Combine the Pod X with a Yogibo Support and you might find you'll be so comfortable you'll never want to get up and stop studying. Ok...maybe not the last part but definitely the comfortable part.  

The Traybo 2.0 is the most adaptable, comfortable lap desk you'll ever own. I know right? Where do we get off creating such wonderful study-buddies for you? The smooth bamboo top features a groove for you to stand your favorite tablet in, as well as an optional bar attachment so your laptop doesn't slide off. This is a perfect accomplice to typing out essays and term papers because it allows you to comfortably work no matter if you're on the couch, on a Yogibo bag or on a bed. Win win! 


Grippibo provides amazing, hands-free entertainment for those times you just want to kick back and not have to hold a dang screen. Using a phone-safe magnet, simply plop your phone on down and relax. Some jealous people might call it lazy but our team of dedicated Yogibo scientists call it a comfort breakthrough. Just think of all the snacks your hands can now ravage not being forced to hold your phone! EUREKA! 


Cozybo Blanket is going to be one of the most important things to a lot of students this Fall because what's the number one most important thing in life, especially for a student? Copious amounts of sleep, that's what! Cozybo features a unique, gel-like feel that makes it totally unique compared to any other blanket on the market, and with our patented stretchy liner this amazing blanket will actually cool you down in the Summer and warm you up in the Winter! Don't worry, you'll still be catching up on your math homework because you'll be counting so many sheep! 

And last on our list but certainly not least, Squeezibo gel-fidgets! These little buddies make for excellent stress relievers! A lot of us are under stress come the school year whether it's college freshmen, high school seniors, or teachers. The last thing you want to do is let that stress-monkey on your back get to you so instead of cussing or punching a hole in drywall like our awful roommate Chad, just grab one of these and get squeezin'. The special blend of latex inside the stretchy soft Yogibo fabric makes for an excellent distraction, and we'd be lying if we said these little collectible squish-friends weren't super addicting and fun to fidget with. Go on, put em thru the ringer, they'll always bounce back for more fun. Just don't lend them to Chad. You've been warned. 

And those, dear friends are a few of the products we always recommend when folks ask us what the best items are for returning students and teachers. Try out one or two (or even all if you fancy yourself a Hermione), we think the peace and comfort they may bring you will help you to tackle any problem this coming school year brings. You got this, students! You're always an A+ to us! 

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