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Yogibo Arrives In Europe!

April 14 2021 – Yogibo Logistics

Yogibo Arrives In Europe!

Yogibo Arrives In Europe!

Boy have we got an exciting announcement! We're proud and super excited to be opening up a new distribution center for all of our friends in Europe! Raise your glasses and say "Hurray" cuz this is so exciting!

Over the past several years we've seen a huge increase in people all across the world wanting to discover the feel of our product line. This demand has lead to the new distribution of Yogibo in Asia as well as in Latin America. But it doesn't stop there! Last year when the Coronavirus swept the world and we all had to be a lot more cautious and a little more inside, we were surprised to see how much of an impact the need for comfort and tranquility really spoke to people. It's common knowledge that people like to relax but when we're forced to stay inside for an extended period of time it seems people REALLY love to relax! We were finding that people who had never heard of Yogibo (or even adaptable, modular furniture) were suddenly becoming big fans of the comfortable things we create. Needless to say it was an insanely busy year for us and while there were many late nights and busy warehouse schedules (many a pot of coffee was brewed!), we wouldn't change it for the world. Amidst this craziness we noticed we were getting tons and tons of requests from our friends across the pond in Europe and soon enough we decided that was going to be the next place we hang our hats. 

Starting today, anyone in Europe can head over to and place their orders to start making their lives a ton more comfy and relaxed. Some product will be limited to start out as we ease into this new territory but in no time it should be taken care of. "Pardon our dust" is the expression I guess we should use. 

From all of us on the Yogibo team, we're so excited about this next chapter and we can't wait to have our friends in Europe discover the feel! 



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