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Yogibo School Tips: Ace That Test

August 18 2022 – Yogibo HQ

Yogibo School Tips: Ace That Test

Yogibo School Tips: Ace That Test

Listen, we get it. Tests are a whole mood, and there's a lot of psychology behind why we tend to get nerves beforehand. Thankfully, you don't need some miracle concoction of ten coffees, energy pills, and a zen state to get ready for them; just a few simple, proven ways to get in the right headspace. Read on, and let's knock this test outta the park!

No Cramming

When you cram for a test, you're basically throwing everything and the kitchen sink at the wall that is your brain, hoping that something will stick. But the truth is, the more you cram for a test, the more likely you will forget something. Study in increments, and you'll better remember the information you need to pass with aces!

Cardio Is Your Friend

If hitting the books is proving exhausting, hit the gym! The more you exercise, the quicker and more efficiently the 'old noggin works. And the runner's high you can get from putting in a good set at the gym can help you to return to your studies with a clear and focused mind, and you may even notice things you hadn't before!

Manage Your Time Well

Just because you can devise a plan to do something with your friends at the drop of a cheese knife doesn't mean you'll be able to instantly absorb all the information needed for the test. Space out your study times, so they all easily lead you to the eventual day of the test. The more recurring they are, the better you'll gain!

No More All-Nighters

Try not to pull the tried and (not really) true all-nighters. It might seem like it'll help at the moment, but the truth is this can cause your brain to work slower because it's trying to remember things, function, and keep you alive. A better option is to wake up earlier, as studies have shown the mind to work better at earlier hours.

Practice Run the Test

So there's less shock when the teacher hands you the actual paper, pretend to take the test a few times at home. Make up some cue cards, set aside a 15-minute mock test, and get in the headspace you can generally expect when the big day arrives. If all goes to plan, you'll already feel like you've taken it before!

No Phone Zone

It might seem helpful at the moment to do some trusty Googling when we can't remember why Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, but the truth is your phone being there is a distraction. The idea of texts and notifications will be in the back of your mind, so increase your brain power and leave the phone in another room.

Those are good points, to be sure, but we've also got an entire array of incredible furniture pieces and accessories that make all this studying so much easier. To make this school year the best one ever, check out the magic we've got cooking in our Bestsellers gallery!



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