Caterpillar Roll

Indoor Neutral


8 Foot Body Pillow

Why You’ll Love Caterpillar Roll

  • Larger Than Life Size.
  • Multifunctional Comfort.
  • Removable, Washable Cover

Product Dimensions: 95 X 8 X 8 Inches
Product Weight: 5 lbs

Shipping Dimensions: 25 X 25 X 16 Inches
Shipping Weight: 9 lbs

Outer Cover: Cotton / Spandex Blend

Liner: Polyester / Spandex Blend

Fill: EPS Beads.

Machine Wash delicate with like colors. External Cover Only. Do not bleach. Dry flat in the shade. Do not iron. Not for wet use. 

Larger Than Life Size

Caterpillar Roll is 8 feet of malleable adaptability and weighs only 5 pounds. No matter the size or age, everyone will find their body pillow bliss with Caterpillar Roll.

Multifunctional Comfort

With more size comes more ways to relax. Wrap yourself head to toe in Caterpillar Roll, use it for head, body & leg support, even compression. Anything goes.

Removable, Washable Cover

Two stylish cover options make a statement and like all of our furniture, they’re removable and washable. It’s even easier than washing your sheets.

Lengthy Luxury.

The Caterpillar Roll provides incredible body support in any position desired thanks to its length. Pillow Hack: You can snuggle the Caterpillar Roll like a traditional body pillow while also using it as a bolster for your lower back. It can provide  comforting knee support, elevation for your feet and a cozy pillow for your head - all at the same time!

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