Yogibo Ultra Weighted Blanket


Full-length weighted blanket.


The Yogibo Ultra is a refined weighted blanket experience with some Yogibo creativity thrown in. If we’re objective, most weighted blankets are often too much of a good thing, if you know what we mean. Too much real estate, too much weight, TOO MUCH! The Yogibo Ultra Weighted Blanket is just the right size to cover you up, so you’ll be relaxing like royalty in no time. The Ultra also features a bib-style design on the top so it can wrap around your neck and cover every inch of you in weighted therapy goodness. And what are the benefits of weighted therapy, you ask? Weighted therapy helps to exert Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation (DTPS). DTPS helps promote the production of relaxation factors in your body, like Melatonin and Serotonin, and in turn, helps regulate your mood to give you a better sense of calm and peace. And we think the Yogibo Ultra weighted blanket is just the thing to keep away the stressful “AAGGHH!!!!” of everyday life and to bring in a bit more “Aaaah.” Come to think of it, we’re getting tired just thinking about it.

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